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Mini Data Center - DC-ITSafe

The world's most secure location - in your company

  • High-available IT protection locally on less than 2 m²
    Added value for you: No data loss, no business interruption, no financial losses!

  • First Mini Data Center worldwide, which resists additional 40 minutes more than required 90-minutes flame treatment from five sides according to DIN EN 1363.

  • Designed for companies with decentralized structures or small and medium-sized companies as well as medical facilities or companies with office environments, e.g. accountants.

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You feel secure in your company. But does this also apply for your IT-infrastructures?
Prevent the loss of essential data and the resulting production downtimes and avoid financial losses as well as image damages because of IT breakdowns.

IT-security? The life insurance for your data!

Your sensitive data should not be saved on external servers. Protect your servers internally with our DC-ITSafe against all essential physical hazards like theft, vandalism and natural forces like fire.

Your company is still growing? This ITSafe is
growing with your requirements!

Modular, expandable, removable constructions offer full flexibility. Our patented “click” assembly method enables a quick and easy installation

This Mini Data Center can do better!

A rack depth of 1200 mm, double-wing doors and twelve additional vertical height units are standard features and this on less than 2 m².
Available with 56 or 62 HU.


Hot Business? This Mini Data Center always keeps cool!

Our cooling units comply with industrial standards and are specially designed for a permanent operation and are self-regulating according to the heat development of your servers.

Proven quality?
Continuously verified by expert hands!

External quality controls ensure the uniform quality of the DC-ITSafe and the production of our IT security solutions.

Our special benefit
for hot situations!

The Mini Data Center DC-ITSafe was successfully tested freestanding and a firing of five sides and is the first mini data center worldwide tested as a complete system.

Din EN 1363
DIN EN 1047-2
DIN EN 1627


Mini Data Center DC-ITSafe 56 HU

Mini Data Center 56 HU

Mini Data Center DC-ITSafe 62 HU

Mini Data Center 62 HU
Property DC-ITSafe HU 56 DC-ITSafe HU 62

Width (mm) 1,452 1,452
Height (mm) 2,185 2,425
Depth (mm) 1,470 1,470
Profile Frame (inch, mm) 19": 800 x 1,200 800 x 1,200

Horizontal 44 50
Vertical 12 12
Total 56 62

Weight empty (kg) ca. 1,100 ca. 1,100
Maximum capacity 19” (kg) 1,000 1,000

Patented "click" assembly method
Self-locking, multiple automatic locking by massive swing fasteners and tightness elements
Soft ducts (optional hard ducts DN 200) 4 4
Possible positioning cable dutcs in the side, floor or ceiling elements in the side, floor or ceiling elements
Locking possibilities Codecard lock, key lock and/or pin-code-terminal Codecard lock, key lock and/or pin-code-terminal


Der DC-ITSafe bietet Schutz gegen Feuer und Löschwasser
Der DC-ITSafe schützt vor Explosionen und korrosiven Gasen
Trümmerlasten können dem DC-ITSafe nichts anhaben. Auch vor Einbruch und Diebstahl
Der DC-ITSafe hält Vandalismus stand und ist lärmresistent
Staub ist für den DC-ITSafe kein Problem. Zusätzlich schützt er zuverlässig vor Fremdzugriff.
Lauschangriffen und Abstahlung beugt der DC-ITSafe zuverlässig vor.
Verkettung DC-ITSafe

More fireproof IT-protection. Convinced, even if it gets hot.



"The modular highest availability safe offers all important functions, like e.g. alarm system, a fire surveillance and extinguishing, a redundant cooling and an extensive monitoring system. Special highlight of the project: The mobility of the safe! Currently we are located here but in case of a possible data center expansion we can choose another location. The safe is accessible from both sides but despite the extensive equipment it requires a minimum of floor space."

Fredi Roeschli
Hess Druck AG

"An analysis of the local circumstances has shown that the Mini Data Center DC-ITSafe is the most flexible, most space-saving and safest solution for the protection of company internal IT. 

As a result of that, the RZproducts implemented in collaboration the demonstrable worldwide most fire-resistant Mini Data Center at the location Bad Hönningen."

Friedel Dommermuth
Manager Process Contral and Information Technology of Solvay Infra Bad Hönningen GmbH

"The air-conditioning is integrated. There are also predefined cold and warm airflow areas. Because of that the mini data center is totally closed. So no smoke is able to get into it.

But we were convinced by the video of the flame treatment, which shows impressively, that the DC-ITSafe is demonstrable the most fire-resistant mini data center worldwide."

Sascha Langenbach
System Administrator of Mubea KG Weitefeld



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