DCM Extension – The Multi-Collector

DCM Extension is used if more inlets are needed for measuring stations than the DCM Agent already provides. Designed as a slave unit, the DCM Extension connects with the DCM Agent and can collect and transmit further information or data that way.

DCM Detection

Technical details

  • 16 digital inlets 
  • 12 power supplies (24 VDC for sensors) 
  • 4 analogue outlets (0 to 20 mA) 
  • 2 digital outlets 
  • 1 RS485 interface for connection to the DCM Agent 
  • 2 mains adapter (64 W redundant supply) 
  • Configuration via the browser of the DCM Agent 
  • Dimensions: 44.45 (1HE) x 482.6 mm (19”) x 300 mm 
  • Working temperature: 0 to 50 °C (non-condensing)

Additional options

  • Hybrid sensor 0 to +50 °C / 0 to 100 % air humidity 
  • Smoke alarm
  • Water sensor
  • Door contact switch

In team incredibly strong:

DCM Agent

The Collector


The maximum degree of security. Secondly, flexibility, interface communication and the option to integrate with existing system and measuring technology.

DCM Delivery

The Compiler

Outdoor DC_ITContainer_9.0

The software makes the operational and system data transparent on a standard browser, allowing it to be compared and interpreted.



The Multi-Collector

Outdoor DC_ITContainer_9.0

DCM Extension is then used if more inlets are needed for measuring stations than the DCM Agent already provides. Designed as a slave unit.

DCM Detection

The Detector

Outdoor DC_ITContainer_9.0

DCM Detection offers basic monitoring of the most important equipment in the smallest space. The notifications can be forwarded via the relevant interfaces.


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