DC-IT DataSafes - Effective protection for your data volumes

Data safes guarantee long-term and safe storage of your documents and data volumes

The loss of internal company data can have significant consequences, which can be prevented by data safes. A data safe protects companies from serious losses of existential data and documents.

Special legal requirements apply to the storage of electronic data volumes and important documents. Companies and enterprises are subject to legally regulated provisions on data protection and data security. These also stipulate a certain retention period for data over several years.

This applies to data volumes such as data tapes, heat-sensitive DVDs, hard disks, CD-ROMs, floppy disks and microfilms. It also applies to the long-term and secure storage of documents and records, such as accounts, balance sheets, annual financial statements, invoice documents, contracts and other confidential and company-relevant documents.


With our data protection cabinets and data safes, you can protect your data volumes securely and sustainably against fire, theft, access and moisture.

The compact data protection safes from the DC-IT DataSafe series offer reliable intrusion- and fire-proof protection for your highly sensitive data.

In many areas it is important to protect data volumes and highly sensitive storage media from unauthorized access, theft and, in the event of a fire, from damage. Our specially designed data safes are therefore built with a special wall construction that provides protection against both fire and extinguishing water.


Fire protection


The DC-IT DataSafes S and DC-IT DataSafes SE data safes for secure storage of data volumes are equipped with ECB-S certified fire protection. Both fire-resistant safes provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection (EN 1047-1 S120DIS).

Intrusion protection


In addition, the DC-IT DataSafes SE data safes were also subjected to a tough test in terms of break-in resistance. These safes comply with resistance grade II (EN 1143 standard).


Protection against unauthorized access


Protection against break-in


Protection from fire


Protection against extinguishing water


Protection against humidity


Data protection cabinets offer the protection against physical hazards that is right for you

Depending on the safety requirements, there are various models available in different grades, sizes and with variable interior equipment:

DC IT DataSafe

(with certified burglary protection)

RZingcon für Rechenzentrumsbau

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