DC-ITSafe HighDens Edition

DC-ITSafe HighDens Edition

The world´s most secure location for your high-density application

Dimensions (height x width x depth) 2185 x 1452 x 1470 mm
Dust and water protection IP 56 acc. to EN 60529
Burglary protection RC 2 nach EN 1627/EN 1630
Fire protection EI 90 acc. to EN 13501-2

Basic protection against:

RZproducts Partnerschaft mit Cloud&Heat

The turnkey IT-Solution is a joint development of RZproducts and Cloud&Heat Technologies. On the hardware side, the solution consists of a safety cabinet with certified physical resistance and integrated water cooling. Prefabricated hardware compilations and server compatibility lists are available for configuration.An optional pre-configured Cloud-Platform completes the solution.

Jörgen Venot

By combining our competences we aim to establish a secure and powerful complete IT solution on the market that offers sustainability and efficiency at an affordable price. 

Jörgen Venot
International Sales Director RZproducts


Product features of DC-ITSafe HighDens Edition

Power density & high efficiency

  • Up to 50 kW Cooling power in 2 m²
  • 20 kW water cooling & 30 kW air cooling
  • 62 U in total, up to 51 U useable for 19" IT-equipment

Advantages of the direct hot water cooling

  • High Energy effiency
  • Low AC & power costs
  • Optional Heat-Recovery
  • Low CO2 footprint

One stop solution

  • Ready for immediate use - available ex stock
  • Deployable within 2 weeks
  • Pre-configurated Monitoring
  • Operation & Lifecycle-Management
  • Desmantleable and redeployable
  • Compatible with water-cooled servers from Lenovo, Dell, Megware and HPE
  • Optional pre-installed and configured server and OpenStack-Platform

Certified & secure

  • Modular & linkable
  • Redundant cooling system
  • Ambient air independent
  • System tested EI 90 acc. to EN 13501-2
  • Burglar protection RC 2 acc. to EN 1627/EN 1630
  • Dust/water protection IP 56 according to EN 60529


High-Density Applications



Autonomes Fahren

Autonomous Driving



Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0




High Perfomance Application


The DC-ITSafe HDE (HighDensEdition) convinces with tremendous power density, comprehensive security features and high energy efficiency. Characteristics that make this safe perfect for users from sections such as research and development, industry 4.0 and CIP-classified (critical infrastructure) companies.
Providing all security elements of the DC-ITSafe this server safe additionally features an innovative and eco-friendly hot water direct cooling. The result is the worldwide first water-cooled server safe providing an exceptionally high-power density of up to 35 kilowatt.

The compact data center solution comes with customized server hardware of different manufacturers and a pre-configured cloud platform (OpenStack).

If required, the emerging server waste heat can be reused, for example for heating, while software-driven mechanisms for security-hardening by secustack offer extra protection (installation on request).


The DC-ITSafe HDE combines the physical resilience of RZproducts’ DC-ITSafe with Cloud&Heat’s energy-efficient water cooling technology and secure cloud platform.

Nicolas Röhrs
CEO Cloud&Heat Technologie



DC-ITSafe HighDens Edition brochure for download

Brochure DC-ITSafe HighDens Edition
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