Quality assurance with energy management 

Stromkosten Verteilung

Energy management  
for the reduction of costs and increase of efficiencies 

Infrastructure and energy costs in data centers are key factors for the facility and IT management. The increase of energy efficiency reduces the power consumption in data centers and consequently the operational costs which, in turn, positively affects the competitiveness of every company. With the technology of RZproducts we support in increasing the energy efficiency.

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Blue Angel Certification

Your data center can be certified with the Blue Angel. 
The Blue Angel classifies companies implementing long-term strategies for the increase of energy and resource efficiencies of data centers particularly with regard to required IT services and regular monitoring for the improvement of data center operations. By saving energy certified companies significantly contribute in the environmental and climate protection and reduce their operating costs for data centers at the same time.          


DC-MonIToring supports the certification process for awarding the new eco label "Blue Angel for energy concious data center operations".


EU standard

The European standard 2012/27/EU for energy efficiency of October 25, 2012 requires concrete measures for the reduction of energy consumptions from all member states. And also data center operators will be compelled to measure and record their energy consumptions and to implement measures for the reduction of energy consumptions in future!  

Data Center Group
Data Center Group

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