Energie Analyse

Energy efficiency analysis - the start for cost reductions

The first step towards energy efficient data centers is the analysis of the current situation.
The basis for all measures to increase the energy and cost efficiency is the creation of transparency on the basis of valid measuring results for establishing energetic key figures.

Make the energy efficiency of your data center "measurable"

During the phae of analysing measurements should be performed and energetic key figures should be determined.
The key figure reflects the energy status of data centers allowing a classification and a comparability.

The objective is the integrated evaluation of data centers. Improvements of IT systems will also affect the capacities of UPS, room and airconditioning systems.

Key figures provide important information and classify the capacities of machines and equipment. Key figures for data centers are aiming at the measurability and comparability of performances and efficiencies of different components or complete data centers. Various relative key figures (ratios)
serve as a tool to visualize the conditions of data centers. Special measurements serve to achieve the required key figures for different performance and energy ratios.

Best practice example:

Thedata center energy check as a first short analysis of your existing data center:

  • Uninterrupted measuring of the data center capacity and the IT performance
  • Online analysis of the measured results
  • Automatic generation of first energetic key figures
  • Visualization of the "system operations"

By analysing just a few specific information in combination with  DC-MonIToring important information about the energetic condition of the data center will be made available. The level of details depends on the first results together with type and equipment of the data center. For this purpose a suitable and individual measuring concept must be prepared and realized together with the data center operator. The results provide the platform and the "set screw" for further steps towards energetic improvements. 


Typical key figures for data centers:

PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness

The PUE is the most common key figure.
The PUE comprises the electrical power consumption of the complete data center and the electrical power consumption of the IT.

Objective: Reduction!

The lower the PUE, the more energy efficient is the data center.


DCIE - Data Center Infrastructure Effectiveness

The reciprocal of the PUE is the DCIE, the former DCE (GreenGrid, 2008a) and is presented in percent.

Objective: Inrease!

The higher the DCIE, the more energy efficient is the data center.


EUE - Energy Usage Effectiveness  

The EUE represents the relation of energy consumptions of complete data centers between the energy requirements of the complete IT for a period of one year and thus seasonal fluctuations.

Objective: Reduction!

The lower the EUE, the more energy efficient is the data center.


JAZ - (Seasonal) Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER / SEER)

The JAZ represents the relation of annual data center cooling loads compared with the electrical work used by the complete cooling system.

Objective: Increase!

The higher the JAZ, the more energy efficient is the data center.


For more detailled information please see our brochure "Energy efficiency in data centers" for Download here.


With the monitoring system DC-MonIToring you generate detailled information about energy consumptions of your data center.

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