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Controlling - to preserve improvements

After the process of improvements the permanent monitoring is initiated.
Weaknesses and deficits of capacity loads of system performances can be detected, analyzed and adjusted immediately on the basis of the key figures which provide information about optimzed data center operations and are the platform for continuous improvements. 

The main objectives are the economic operation of the data center and the monitoring of the status achieved.

Permanent monitoring, proactive servicing and emergency management are the cornerstones for long-term, efficient and secure operations of data centers. At this point optimization success should be assured and key figures should be analyzed continuously. The achieved transparency always allows the current status and to eliminate possible disruptive factors at an early stage and before system or total breakdowns. 

With the online software tool DCM Energy data center operators have a direct access to the system through the Internet.

With the the network operation center (NOC) of RZ-Services GmbH, another subsidiary of the DC-Datacenter-Group, we offer long-term experiences in managing system information. Starting with the controlling of determined key figures up to the alarm and failure management, the experts of  RZ-Services are available around the clock at 365 days a year and are your contact address for IT infrastructure operations.

Network Operation Center

With the transparency, the comparability and the interpretability of operational and equipment data the monitoring of data centers and relevant IT components is easy and can be individually adjusted or even improved continuously.  Bad surprises concerning increased power consumptions or reduced efficiencies should be obsolete.

Permanent monitoring as a basis for:

  • Proactive maintenance management
  • Emergency management (in combination with binding service level agreements).

For detailed information please see our brochure "Energy efficiency in data centers ". With the monitoring system DC-MonIToring the energy consumptions of your data center will be transparent.

Data Center Group
Data Center Group

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