Legislation and new environmental regulations 

The high energy consumption of data centers increasingly mobilized the policy and it is merely a matter of time until data center operators will be liable for CO² emissions. New EU standards relating to energy efficiency and specific regulations for data center operators are just being prepared with every emphasis.  

Instead of waiting for regulations of legislators companies should sustainably reduce the energy consumption and the resulting CO² emissions of their data centers right now and benefit from the economic advantages.                             

New EU standard: 

The European standard 2012/27/EU for energy efficiency of October 25, 2012 requires concrete measures for the reduction of energy consumptions from all member states. And also data center operators will be compelled to measure and record their energy consumptions and to implement measures for the reduction of energy consumptions in future!  

EU energy and climate package „20-20-20“

For this purpose the EU defines three main objectives: 

  • Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent (compared with 1990)
  • Coverage of 20 percent of the energy demands by using renewable energy sources  
  • Increase of energy efficiencies by 20 percent 

In order to push these objectives the European Commission published voluntary codes of conduct for energy consumptions in data centers.

Data Center Group
Data Center Group

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