Energie Analyse

Optimization - Implementation of analyzed results

During the phase of optimization the key figures are visualized and analyzed.
The transparent presentation of optimization potentials and the resulting recommendations for energy efficient operations of data centers are the result. The potentials are classified and implemented by means of appropriate measures. Immediate actions are energetic and economic results which are achieved with a minimum of efforts. But also these "quick successes" should take integrated concepts of optimizations and strategic measures into consideration.

The saving potential for data centers and server rooms is high and partially even exceeding 50 %. Because of the technical speed of development this also applies to data centers of recent date.

Steigerung Energieeffizienz

The increase of energy efficiency or short-term or strategic measures may not affect the IT availability requirements at any time. To ensure this a DC-MonIToring is required to detect and report negative effects.


offers optimization concepts.

Data Center Group
Data Center Group

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