Quality assurance by neutral institutions

We provide tested quality products made in Germany. The quality is assured by various neutral  test procedures adjusted to the required security features.


ECBs Zertifizierung

The quality certificate of international recognition in global security markets guarantees highest security standards. 


ECB·S certified security product: IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe


BITKOM is Germany's digital association. With neutral market researches and on the basis of extensive know-how of its various committees BITKOM prepares neutral and reliable studies relating to ICT markets. Amongst others practical assistance is ensured by many checklists and guidelines.

Following the BITKOM planning matrix the fire protection according to EN 1047-2 for data rooms of DC category B is required. 


The IT security room GranITe is certified according to EN 1047-2 (type test). The security rooms QuartzITe 9.0 and QuartzITe 9.3 are certified according to EN 1047-2 in combination (system test).

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BSI - German Federal Office for Information Security 

As national safety authority it is the objective of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to promote the IT security in Germany. The BSI addresses to users and manufacturers of information technology, such as public authorities, companies and private users.   


The products DC-ITRoom GranITe / QuartzITe 9.3 and DC-ITSafe follow the recommendations of BSI acc. to  EN 1047-2.

The standard DIN EN 50600, which is just being prepared by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), will include all aspects of data centers for the first time.

DIN EN 50600
Data Center Group
Data Center Group

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