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BSI - Federal Office for Information Security 

The objective of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is to promote the IT security in Germany. With its services the BSI addresses to users and manufacturers of information technology, e.g. public authorities, companies or private users.     

Recommendations of the BSI regarding fire protection: 

The requirements to fire walls or fire compartments of data centers should exceed the relevant standards, e.g. regional building regulations or DIN 4102 "Fire behaviour of building materials and components".    
The safety ojective for fire walls or fire compartments should not be restricted to personal or building protection but also include the protection of the inventory and the availability. This means that not only the fire spread by flame exposure and hot fire gases but also by thermal radiation and the spread of cold smoke must be avoided.
The admissable heat radiation according to DIN 4102 can destroy the infrastructure of a building, especially in heat sensitive IT areas. For this reason different fire and smoke compartments, matching the required size, should be realized.   
Internal fire compartments for data centers should be considered. If individual fire compartments for the core units (IT rooms, data archives) are imperative, the walls, doors and other wall and ceiling openings require fire resistance class F90.
Besides the compliance with DIN 4102 for building constructions, the limit values for relative humidity (see standard EN 1047-2, chapter 4.1, table 1) must be considered for data centers, server rooms and data archives.   


The products DC-ITRoom GranITe/QuartzITe 9.3 and DC-ITSafe fulfill the requirements of BSI with regard to EN 1047-2. 

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Data Center Group

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