DIN EN 50600

The standard EN 50600, which is just being prepared by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), will include all aspects of data centers for the first time.

Up to now there was a variety of general product standards and different provisions for the planning, the implementation and the operation of data centers, especially for building components, equipment and systems. But only a few of these standards refer directly to the specific requirements for data centers. Consequently there were different "quasi standards" over the years which are partly contradictory, e.g. the classification of data center availabilities. So far, there was no standard for the overall consideration of data center infrastructures. The new standard EN 50600 will take all these aspects into consideration.     

The EN 50600 sets standards for the "availability, security and energy efficiency for the whole lifetime of data centers" including energy saving potentials, for the first time. This new standard defines building constructions of data centers as well as security and management aspects. Moreover, the subject of "availability levels" will be harmonized. With the introduction of this standard developers, specialist planners and constructors will receive best practice standards for the implementation and operation of complete data centers for the first time.

The risk and business analysis is the basis for this new standard. On the basis of the standardized requirements availability and protection levels for the operation of data centers will be specified. Moreover, granularity levels and parameters for the reading of the energy efficiency in data centers will be specified and realized. Based upon these information the planning and implementation of new data centers or reconstructions will be realized.  

NEW! Generally the EN 50600 recommends the consideration of room-in-room systems as best practice standard. The various advantages of room-in-room systems should be considered for all data center plannings. 

Modularity and flexibility: EN 50600-2-1, chapter 10.1.4

„During the stage of planning the installation of modular, prefabricated construction elements as well as multi-layered constructions, e.g. room-in-room systems, must be considered for increased space requirements." 

Fire resistance: prEN 50600-2-5,

„Regarding fire resistance and fire protection, the construction of server rooms of availability levels 3 and 4 (floor, walls and ceiling) and the materials used must comply with the requirements of EN 1047-1 and EN 1047-2“.

„The installation of early fire warning and detection systems require smoke protective doors acc. to EN 1634. The doors must have a fire resistance of at least 90 minutes acc. to EN 1634. Constructions according to the requirements of EN 1047-2 provide the required protection and can be installed in any surrounding.

„The availability level 3 requires the construction of IT rooms according to the standard of EN 1047-2 – room-in-room systems for all IT areas are recommended (see chapter In order to achieve the availability according to level 4 a test certificate for a system-tested room-in-room shall be presented.


The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe was successfully tested according to 1047-2 for fire protection.
The IT security room QuartzITe 9.3 and the mini data center DC-ITSafe guarantees the limit values following EN 1047-2. 

Protection against environmental influences (except fires): prEN 50600-2-5

In addition to the requirements acc. to doors, ceilings and cable introductions should prevent the penetration of contaminating substances (particles, liquid or gaseous) and fire fighting water  for areas of availability level 3Constructions acc. to the requirements of EN 1047-2 offer the required protection and can be installed in any surrounding." 

„In addition to the recommendations of room-in-room systems should be considered". 

In addition to the recommendations acc. to room-in-room systems should be considered for areas of availability level 4. Constructions acc. to the requirements of EN 1047-2 offer the required protection and can be installed in any surrounding." 


The IT security room series DC-ITRoom is a modular construction. The size of the rooms are individually adjustable according to the requirements. The modularity of the system ensures a very high degree investment security. 

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Data Center Group

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