ECB·S / ECB·S-Zertifizierung


The quality certification of international recognition with orientation towards the global security market. This quality certification guarantees the highest security standard. 


The ECB·S certified IT security room is a type-tested and certified data security room, tested by an independent and neutral test institute according to the European standard EN 1047-2. 

Neutral Quality Control 

The exact compliance of certified constructions and the specific characteristics of ECB.S certified rooms is ensured by the registration of each room. From this date the rooms are subject to a neutral quality control. 

The customer's benefits are obvious: They will be receiving a highest security solution fulfilling the guaranteed properties of highest quality without room for interpretation.    


The ECB·S quality control means that a member of the test institute carries out two tests per year at installation sites without notice to check whether the certified and tested features are identical with the tested product. After the inspection the product is awarded the ECB.S test label with the corresponding serial number.

ECB·S is the quality label of the European Certification Body being accredited as certification body acc. to EN 45011 worldwide for the certification and control of security products. Amongst others the certificate is acknowledged by insurance companies. 

ECB·S is an international quality standard. 


ECB·S certified security product: IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe

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