Tested quality for your IT

Our IT solutions are tested and certified quality products "Made in Germany". This is assured by different test procedures of neutral institutions adjusted to invididual requirements of our customers.                                            

Quality control by neutral institutions


ECBs Zertifizierung

The quality certificate of international recognition in global security markets guarantees highest security standards. 


ECB·S certified security product: IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe


BITKOM is Germany's digital association. With neutral market researches and on the basis of extensive know-how of its various committees BITKOM prepares neutral and reliable studies relating to ICT markets. Amongst others practical assistance is ensured by many checklists and guidelines.

Following the BITKOM planning matrix the fire protection according to EN 1047-2 for data rooms of DC category B is required. 


The IT security room GranITe is certified according to EN 1047-2 (type test). The security rooms QuartzITe 9.0 and QuartzITe 9.3 are certified according to EN 1047-2 in combination (system test).

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BSI - German Federal Office for Information Security 

As national safety authority it is the objective of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to promote the IT security in Germany. The BSI addresses to users and manufacturers of information technology, such as public authorities, companies and private users.   


The products DC-ITRoom GranITe / QuartzITe 9.3 and DC-ITSafe follow the recommendations of BSI acc. to  EN 1047-2.

Quality assurance with IT protection properties against major hazards 

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Interpretation of fire protection 

Secure IT infrastructures require special protective conditions.  The requirements for structural fire protection are NOT sufficient for IT hardware! The standard structural fire protection acc. to EN 1363 (for standard buildings) and the fire protection acc. to EN 1047-2 (IT fire protection) are quite different.


The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe was successfully tested and certified according to the most stringent IT fire protective standards of EN 1047-2.
The IT security room QuartzITe 9.3 and the mini data center DC-ITSafe not only meet the requirements of the standard fire protection but also the compliance with the limit values of EN 1047-2 for 30 minutes.

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Explosion protection for the worst case

Test procedure for the protection against high explosives placed near the objective and the resulting shock wave.


The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe successfully passed the explosion test following EN 13123-2/13124-2 and is a milestone for physical security systems for the protection of IT infrastructures.  

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Access and burglar protection for your IT security

Following EN 1630 IT security rooms are tested by manual burglar attempts using different tools. 

The following table reflects the differences between the standard test procedures.

Requirements and classificationTest procedure for the determination of the resistance under static loadsTest procedure for the determination of the resistance under dynamic loadsTest procedure of the determination of the resistance against manual burglary attempts

The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe, the mini data center DC-ITSafe and the DC-ITDataSafe SE are certified according to EN 1630.

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Water and dust protection according to EN 60529 for data and hardware

The IP code according to EN 60529 consists of separate codes for dust and water protection. These codes
provide information about protective qualities and product tightness.


The IT security products of RZproducts are classified with the IP code 56 acc. to EN 60529.

Quality assurance with energy management and
data center monitoring 

Stromkosten Verteilung

Energy management for the reduction of costs and increase of energy

Infrastructure and energy costs in data centers are the main factor for facility and IT management. The increase of energy efficiency reduces the power consumption and the operational costs in data centers and thus positively influences the competitiveness of the company.
The technology of RZproducts assists in increasing the energy efficiency.


Three steps towards energy efficient data centers

Energie Analyse

Energy Efficiency Analysis - the first step towards cost reductions

The first step towards energy efficient data centers is to analyze the actual situation.
The basis for all measures to increase the energy and cost efficiency is to create the required transparency by valid measuring results for the generation of energetic key figures.


With the monitoring system DC-MonIToring you receive detailed information about the energy consumption of your data center.

Energie Analyse

Optimization - Implementation of the analyzed results 

During the phase of optimization the generated key figures are visualized and analyzed.
The result is a transparent presentation of optimization potentials together with adequate recommendations for energy efficient data center operations. The potentials are classified and implemented with appropriate measures. There are considerable saving potentials for data centers and server rooms, sometimes even exceeding 50 %.  Because of the technical development speed this also refers to data centers of recent date.


bietet innerhalb der Data Center Group Optimierungskonzepte an.

Energie Analyse

Controlling - to preserve improvements 

After the process of improvements the permanent monitoring is initiated.
Weaknesses and deficits of capacity loads of system performances can be detected, analyzed and adjusted immediately on the basis of the key figures which provide information about optimzed data center operations and are the platform for continuous improvements. 


For more detailled information please see our brochure "Energy efficiency in data centers". With the monitoring system DC-MonIToring  you will have a transparency of our data center energy consumptions. 

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Blue Angel Certification

Your data center can be certified with the Blue Angel. 
The Blue Angel classifies companies implementing long-term strategies for the increase of energy and resource efficiencies of data centers particularly with regard to required IT services and regular monitoring for the improvement of data center operations. By saving energy certified companies significantly contribute in the environmental and climate protection and reduce their operating costs for data centers at the same time.          


DC-MonIToring supports the certification process for awarding the new eco label "Blue Angel for energy concious data center operations".

Certified & tested security - signed and sealed

Our certificates speak for themselves!

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